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What we do

Bicu & Sons Limited. is a cosmetics merchant, engaged in domestic and International trade. It imports high quality cosmetics products from all over the world for sale (via wholesale distribution) in Nigeria. The company also maintains an effective distribution network throughout the West Africa Region. Abuja branch of Bicu and Sons limited  is responsible for the Northern Region .

Our Distribution Outlets

In Nigeria, Bicu & Sons Ltd. maintains an array of wholesale distribution outlets in most of the commercial cities. Bicu & Sons Ltd. Has a diversified workforce that is competent, motivated and experienced. The employees are constantly trained and retrained to keep up with marketing demands, competitions and state of the art trends in the cosmetics industry. The business is fully computerized and maintained by an efficient support staff.

It has made tremendous impact on the economy, chamber of commerce in the West African sub-region, and finally in the human capacity development of individuals in the African Continent